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Jenny Keuter explores rhythm and balance within linear compositions. She draws with nib and ink, brush and acrylic, wool and thread, to study multiple aspects of lines. Her working process is focused and yet intuitive, she doesn’t follow any particular rule or grid. However, she frequently switches between drawing and observing, to ensure a harmonious formation of lines.


Jenny was born in 1985 in Mönchengladbach, Germany. She lives and works in Berlin. She graduated from the University of the Arts London in 2010 and received her diploma from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen in 2011.



Exhibitions (selected)

2017 and beyond, WHITECONCEPTS PROJECTS, Berlin,Germany
2017 5 on paper, JKD GALERIE, Berlin, Germany
2016 Harmonic Ratios – Music and Crystals, NEU WEST BERLIN, Berlin, Germany
2016 Untiteled, MINDSPACE, Hamburg, Germany (commissioned work)
2016 Untiteled, MINDSPACE, Berlin, Germany (commissioned work)
2015 Along the lines, ICI-BERLIN, Berlin, Germany
2015 Transition, JKD GALERIE, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2015 Nothing endures but change, LEHRTER17, Berlin, Germany
2014 Floating, BERLIN-WEEKLY, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2014 Community Clash, ARTCONNECT BERLIN, Berlin, Germany
2014 line in space and time, JKD GALERIE, Berlin, Germany
2013 Day, Night, Light, SUPER BIEN! Greenhouse for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2013 Spatial Structures, THE WYE PLATFORM GALLERY, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2012 Candid Berlin, UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS, Berlin, Germany
2011 Night waves, HUG ME, HEIMLICH, Cologne, Germany
2010 Lost Knowledge, CAMDEN TOWN UNLIMITED, London, England



2015, Artzine Day, Night, Light (Edition of 50)



2017, Fundraiser auction for THE DRAWING HUB, Berlin, Germany
2014, Benefit auction for NPR Berlin, THE WYE, Berlin, Germany



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Written by Jenny Keuter

September 12, 2014 at 8:35 pm